Author: João Victor Vasques

The cryptocurrency market, without a doubt, is a big trend yet again in 2022. Many different assets are trending in various subsectors in this industry, but one major trend above all is the ease with which they enable low cost, low friction transfers and liquidity for all kinds of things that were previously impossible. Combined with volatility in many assets, cryptocurrencies are a popular area of trading and speculation in addition to an expanding list of utility.

Knowing the different niches of the cryptocurrency market, we at Blocktane would like to make it clear that we will support all different types of crypto enthusiasts. We intend to accompany you from the well known trades of crypto assets, to help you to purchase NFTs, and be at your side in adventures in the metaverse and also in your journey into playing play-to-earn games.

Take a look on the next tokens being added to the platform, and why we chose them:

Polygon (MATIC)

Ethereum, already listed in our exchange, is the second largest cryptocurrency and is the underlying protocol of most of the NFT and token ecosystem. Though robust and highly regarded, due to its architecture, it faces throughput and scaling limits which results in network congestion and ultimately high transaction costs, stifling certain types of use. It was in the search for a solution to this problem that Polygon emerged, a project built to connect the blockchain networks inside Ethereum, in which, by using this network as what is known as a Layer 2 scaling solution you can have all the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem, but instead of paying 10 dollars for a transaction, you might pay cents.

MATIC, therefore, is the name given to the Polygon network token, and it is used for payment of transactions within the network, staking, governance, and, one of the biggest reasons for our interest, as the currency to exchange for large collections of other assets including NFTs within that market. Polygon's potential to remedy some of the issues of the Ethereum network and also to support the billion-dollar market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), games, and many more things, we consider this a must have asset to add to our assortment of coins that you, as an investor, can now buy and sell on our exchange.

Sandbox (SAND)

In our initial expansion of our offering, we are going to include a leap into the  Metaverse and unravel this world with you Blocktaners, so our second choice of token to be listed is SAND, from the Sandbox metaverse.

Metaverses can be built for nearly anything such as expanded social networks, where instead of a social profile you have a character. Platforms like this have taken the spotlight because of eye popping prices paid for in-game digital items, such as the individual who paid over 450,000 dollars for a piece of land near Snoop Dogg in the Sandbox. The bottom line is that such costs are explained by the excitement about these metaverses and demand from keen players willing to invest in their digital worlds. Such purchases will become increasingly common, as the value of metaverse items in general will increase, and these will be transacted including within Sandbox, with the SAND in-ecosystem currency.

We are very excited by the prospect of the increasing numbers of users in the metaverse, and specifically via Sandbox. We look forward to helping you leap into this space through SAND on Blocktane as we enter it with you.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) & Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

Finally, to flesh out our foray into different niches of the cryptocurrency market, we have listed the two tokens from the biggest NFT game on the market, Axie Infinity, because we want you, the Play-To-Earn game fans, by our side.

SLP and AXS are cryptocurrencies central to the economy of the game that transformed everything we thought about gaming, fun, and work. Crypto based games, often categorized as GameFi, provide fun, novel experiences that exemplify what can be done to innovate in an otherwise mature segment. With digital items on chain, scarcity and market demand combine to create a thriving sub economy. SLP and AXS are the base currencies of the Axie Infinity game, with more than 8.3 million players, and enable, for example, savings from in game transactions. What better way to leap into GameFi than to get some starter tokens from Blocktane, your trusted exchange! A widely anticipated expansion of the game is also on the horizon and is expected to attract new players and new capital inflows.

About the future

With these listings, we are making a clear statement about our steps into growing subsegments of the crypto industry. Our goal is to offer as many useful tools, education, and assets to give you confidence to dive into any one of these markets. Regardless if you are new to crypto or a seasoned pro, we have the tools you need!,

Going forward we want to hear from you about your favourite new listings. Look out for community voting opportunities to tell us where to head next.

You, Blocktaners, are a crucial piece in our exchange, we count on your opinions and suggestions. Join our Telegram!

Welcome to our digital revolution.