As we approach the second half of 2021, we are excited to announce a set of new features to make your trading experience on Blocktane even better. New transaction fee tiers, new token, new refer-a-friend program, new rewards, new prime services and new incentive programs.

Did you see an unexpected deposit to your Blocktane account today for some BKT? Wondering what that is? Congratulations, you were an active user of Blocktane and we are excited to reward you with your airdrop of Blocktanium!

We have launched Blocktanium, ticker BKT, today for the Blocktane ecosystem with some exciting news starting now:

  1. A Gift: All active Blocktaners were air dropped 250 BKT today.
  2. Save: Holding BKT gets you reduced fees for your trading on Blocktane.
  3. Earn: Referring your friends to Blocktane to open an account get both you and your friend bonuses of 50 BKT!
  4. Compound: All balances of BKT on your account are compounding interest on Blocktane every hour! The more you hold, and the earlier you hold it, the greater your share of the community distribution of a total 5,000,000 BKT!

Fee Tiers

Blocktanium’s [BKT] first benefit to our users on Blocktane is to unlock lower fee tiers as shown in the table below according to BKT balance held in their account:

Fee discount tiers 

Maker/Taker fees

BKT Holdings

BKT 1 Starter

15/25 bps


BKT 2 Bronze

12/22 bps


BKT 3 Silver

8/12 bps


BKT 4 Gold

3/6 bps


BKT 5 Ultra

0/1 bps


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To achieve the reduced fee tiers, all you need to do is hold the amount of Blocktanium tokens applicable  to the fee tier you want.

Referral Codes

Tell your friends about Blocktane and get a bonus! All you need to do is have your friends use your unique user ID in the referal code field when they sign up. As soon as they complete full KYC, both of you get 50 BKT each!

You can find your user ID on the profile page once logged into

And your friend can fill it into the Sign Up page:

You can also trade USDT for BKT on the Blocktane order book. The sooner the better, the exchange is currently handing out 10 bps (0.10%) per hour of BKT bonus on your total BKT holdings in each account. Yes, you read this correctly: every hour there will be an additional BKT bonus added to your balance of Blocktanium until the total of 5 million BKT distributed is reached, so hurry up!

250 BKT airdrop
Bonuses of 10bps every hour

BKT is also available on Uniswap and Loopring in a BKT-USDT orderbook and swap pool.

Incentive Programs

Another very important token utility is to be a method of rewarding market makers who provide liquidity on the exchange. Preserving high quality order books is intrinsic to the best practices of trading platforms, curbing price slippage to a minimum, to push for short spreads and deep markets will provide the best experience and greater results.

Blocktane recently launched two programs to reward high-frequency and volume trader: API traders for retail accounts and Market Makers for institutions, check them out at: